About Us

We are a group of simple folks who develop quick, easy and convenient solutions for everyday problems and challenges. We constantly work to provide the best applications that makes life just a little bit easier. With very diverse backgrounds, we bring a unique set of experiences to every part of our solutions. We give our user a wide range of tools and options to personalize their experience and maximize the efficiency of Homesmith OPEN HOUSE.

We came up with the original Homesmith OPEN HOUSE after experiencing an inability to simply find real estate open houses in our neighborhood. We knew that there were several upcoming but didn’t have a simple and easy way to find them. We developed our app to solve that problem, and, it is available from virtually any device.

Whether you want to be more organized, able to find exactly what you are looking for, searching for information about available properties, we are providing you with the solution.

We hope you enjoy our app and keep an eye out for all the exciting additions on the way!